4 thoughts on “Episode 5: Fanfic and Our OTPs

  1. I could talk about fanfic FOREVER. But I’ll keep it short.

    1. I love how Meg Cabot talks about writing fanfic when she was a teen, and how so many of her characters write fanfic.

    2. If you want a piece of majorly amazing Sound of Music fanfic (and actually one of my favorite pieces of fanfic ever) is “Older and Wiser” which is Rolfe in the Battle of Stalingrad, reflecting. (http://archiveofourown.org/works/34509)

    3. Oh, Rick Springfield TOTALLY wants Jesse.

    4. I had to read the first day of Killer Angels over Christmas break my junior year in high school. I liked it so much that I finished the entire book. My teacher had to scramble her lesson plans, because most of us had gotten so caught up in and ended up finishing. (Also, talking of shipping real people, half the class had a crush on Chamberlain.) In general, I don’t need to recommend it to anyone as it tends to go out on its own without my help. BUT, it’s one that I can easily sell to my nonfiction readers and it’s a good one to give out for school assignments or teens that want more about war and battle (there are a lot of teens that like that, and not enough of non-fantasy/sci-fi teen books to give them). It’s also a good on for Civil War displays, which we did a lot of for all the anniversaries (but most of it is VERY local history for us)


  2. Min says:

    Love your show! I really wish you had a download link though, because I like to put podcasts on my ipod to listen to later at the gym or during my commute. Would that be possible?


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