Episode 9 Show Notes: Reluctant Consumption and Travel Habits

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This episode we catch up on where we are with It so far, Carolyn’s experience watching a third season episode of the Gilmore Girls with zero prior knowledge. Then we tackle @anneheathen‘s question about how you handle recommendations that you don’t really want to follow through on and tackle the question of entertainment while traveling. It turns out we are both contrary and probably won’t believe the hype. We also detour into what we love/hate that everyone else hates/loves.


The Bechdel Test
Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie
Lost in Translation
The Passion of the Christ
Harry Potter
The Eagles
Bruce Springsteen
Eric Clapton
Hatesong from the A.V. Club
Serial podcast
Glamour magazine
Marie Claire magazine
Entertainment Weekly magazine
People magazine
The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks (Anna said The Blinding Knife but she meant The Broken Eye)
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay


by Stephen King (surprise!)
Lumberjanes #8

The holidays

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