Episode 11 Show Notes: New Year’s Resolutions, Guilty Pleasures, and Queer TV (with Ladies)

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In this episode, we celebrate the New Year by revealing some of Anna’s tremendous ego, talking about the concept of the “guilty pleasure,” and debating the past/present/future of queer ladies on television.

ALSO! We are going to be taping LIVE (that is to say, in the same place at the same time with live music from Julie Jurgens) in Chicago on February 2nd! More details to come!


Preston & Child novels (It’s PenderGAST, Carolyn. GAST.)
Fashion and Food Can be Guilty Pleasures” – Today Show
Ayn Rand’s Sweet Valley High” – The Toast
Malinda Lo
Here is Your 2015 Queer Lady TV Epic Infographic!” – Autostraddle (warning, false advertising)
The Fosters
The L Word
The O.C.
Lost Girl
Melrose Place
How To Get Away With Murder

Parks and Recreation
Downton Abbey

The Man From Snowy River
So I Married An Axe Murderer 
Flash From the Past: 10 Actors Who’ve Played More than One Role in the Same Movie