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Welcome to Bellwether Friends, definitely not the first podcast featuring a discussion on pop culture and why we think you should like what we like.

Every couple of weeks, we get together and chat about a pop culture topic or two, what we think, and how we feel. Then we end the show with our current obsessions.

You can ask questions or tell us your dreams and aspirations at bellwetherfriendspodcast[at]gmail.com.

Our Musical Obsessions playlist is updated after every episode with the songs we’re currently obsessed with! Find it on Spotify.


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Anna is a librarian in western Massachusetts who thinks a lot about romance novel covers and titles. She also blogs at fadedhat.blogspot.com.

Twitter || Tumblr || Instagram



alene seahawksAlene is a librarian in western Massachusetts who is pro-Seattle in all things.

Twitter || Tumblr || Instagram


2014-08-02 21.06.51Julie is a children’s librarian and musician who loves speculative fiction, the Beatles, and Mindy Kaling. You can find her music at juliejurgens.com and Twitter nonsense via @himissjulie.




IMG_3703Carolyn is a librarian living in Chicago who watches way too much TV.

Twitter || Tumblr || Instagram


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