Episode 85: The Good Place


In this episode, we discuss our viewing of The Good Place, winner of our #episode81 What to Watch Next TV Bracket. Spoiler alert! We talk about a lot of details of both seasons of The Good Place, which has some twists and surprises you might not want spoiled.

Vulture: Our 7 Biggest Questions After The Good Place Season Finale
The Guardian: The Good Place: how a sitcom made philosophy seem cool
The New Yorker: Dystopia in “The Good Place”
Buzzfeed: Which Character From “The Good Place” Are You?
Buzzfeed: Would You Actually Get In To The Good Place?
Nerdist: The Good Place Dished Out a Huge Menu of Food Puns

Musical Obsessions
Alene: “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld
Anna: “Least Complicated” by Indigo Girls

Anna: Force of Nature by Jane Harper, old movies on the big screen: Persona, Dune
Alene: laws of physics, bicycle commuting


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